In today’s highly competitive environment, we recognize Quality is a differentiator and customer satisfaction is essential to the success of our company. At Skyworks, we are committed to implementing and maintaining quality systems across the entire company, from the product development cycle to manufacturing operations and post-sales services.

We invite you to learn more about our processes as we strive to deliver the industry’s highest quality products and solutions. This deep-rooted commitment translates into significant, sustainable value for your business.

Quality Policy

在 Skyworks,我們努力使品質達到完美。我們以超越客戶的期望為目標,以期待卓越為行為準則。

  • 零實地失靈
  • 零客戶退貨
  • 零可靠性失效
  • 零產出損耗
Skyworks Quality Skyworks Quality