Voltage Regulation-
Low Drop-Out (LDO) Linear Regulators

Linear Voltage Regulators (PowerLinear™) products include MicroPower™, NanoPower™, and OmniPower™ LDO (Low Dropout) linear regulators which provide regulated power sources in products such as smart phones, PNDs, notebook computers, set-top boxes, digital still cameras, and other portable personal electronic devices. Skyworks' LDO regulator products are designed to provide a well regulated power supply while at the same time maximize the performance for a given application. NanoPower LDO regulators typically operate with a ground current level of 1.1µA. The MicroPower product line has LDO regulators optimized for low output noise and high power supply ripple rejection, making them well suited for sensitive RF and wireless circuit applications. Other MicroPower single- and dual-channel LDO regulators from Skyworks feature fast transient response to meet the most demanding load requirements. OmniPower LDO regulators are suitable for general purpose linear regulation requirements across a wide range of applications. All Skyworks LDO regulators are designed to be highly reliable and stable over a wide range of operating conditions. All LDO regulator devices function with a wide variety of input and output capacitor types. However, they are ideally suited for stability with ceramic capacitors. Low-cost ceramic capacitors are recommended to help increase circuit performance, reduce printed circuit board area, and minimize cost. To further enhance application reliability under adverse operating conditions, all PowerLinear LDO regulators include over-current and over-temperature protection circuits.

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