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1-Cell Li+ Switch Mode Battery Charger

The AAT3620 BatteryManager™ is a member of AnalogicTech’s Total Power Management IC™ family. With the many functions added to mobile devices such as color display, camera with flash, organizer, video, etc, the battery capacity must keep pace with the power requirements. The AAT3620 is the ideal solution for high capacity Li+ batteries and can supply up to 2.0A charge current with minimal thermal impact to the system.

The AAT3620 is a PWM switch mode / linear charger with high charge efficiency at the full constant current (fast charge) rate. Based on a 1.5MHz PWM step-down “buck” converter, the AAT3620 PWM switch mode controls the constant current charge mode up to 2.0A, and automatically switches to linear mode charging during the battery conditioning low level current and the light load end of charge current termination region. The full charge rate and the end of charge current can be programmed with separate external resistors. A shared charge current indication pin is available for a Coulomb counter.

Battery charge temperature and charge state are fully monitored for fault conditions. In the event of an over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit or over-temperature failure, the device will automatically shut down. A status monitor output pin is provided to indicate the battery charge status and power source status though a display LED.

The AAT3620 is available in a thermally enhanced, space-saving 14-pin 3x3mm TDFN package that includes all essential components for a switch-mode battery charger.


  • 4.3V~6.0V Input Range
  • Up to 2.0A Charge Current Capability
  • 1.5MHz PWM/Linear Charger
  • Over 90% Full Rate Charge Efficiency
  • Integrated Switching Device
  • Integrated Sense Resistor
  • Built-in Reverse Blocking Feature
  • Battery Preconditioning/Constant Voltage/Constant Current Charge Mode
  • Programmable End of Charge Current
  • 1% Constant Voltage Mode Regulation
  • Built-in Programmable Charging Timer
  • Charge Current Indication Pin
  • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, and Over-Temperature Protection
  • Battery Over-Temperature Protection
  • Power-On Reset and Soft-Start
  • TDFN33-14 Package
Data Sheets AAT3620: Single Cell Li+ Switch Mode Battery Charger AAT3620_201904D.pdf (948 KB)
Designer Info AAT3620 Block Diagram AATI_BD_36.jpg (90 KB)
Designer Info AAT3620 Gerber File AATI_Gerber_36.zip (38 KB)
ProductName : AAT3620
Number of Cells : 1
Max. Protected VIN (V) : N/A
Max. Charging VIN (V) : 6
Max. Charge Current (mA) : 2000
Number of Input Channels : USB or AC Adaptor
Dynamic Power Management : No
Automatic Charge Reduction : No
Active Digital Thermal Loop Control : No
Charge Rate Control : External Resistor
Switching Frequency (kHz) : 1500
Package (mm) : TDFN 14L, 3 x 3 x 0.75
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